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Praerie Sculpture Garden by Franziska Harman Award-winning Literacy Garden by Franziska Harman Long Border by Franziska Harman Walled Garden by Franziska Harman Beehive Letterbox 345.00


Initial visit: On the initial visit I familiarise myself with, firstly, the client's garden, their needs and requirements and ideas are discussed. The site is measured and soil samples taken. In some cases, depending on the complexity of the site and design, it is necessary to commission a land surveyor after initial consultation with the client.

Concept plan: At the next step a concept plan will be drawn up based on the brief gained from the client during my initial visit, which will be presented to, discussed and possibly edited with the client at the next visit.

Final garden layout plan/Planting plan: After discussing the concept plan and tailoring it to the needs of the client a final layout plan and planting plan will be drawn up and at the next visit presented to the client.

Project Management (not included in the design price): If the client wishes I can assist in sourcing a suitable contractor and assist in project management.

Plants/Planting ( not included in the design price): I am happy to help in sourcing the plants, laying out the plants and planting, (but not larger shrubs and trees), if the client wishes.

Costing and Fees: My fees are competitive and flexible and I attempt to meet the client's particular budget. There is a charge for the initial visit, and any total costing for the project can be made only after the "concept plan" has been drawn up and all variable costs considered. For further rates and consultation fees, please contact me.

I do not set fixed prices for projects due to the hugely varying nature and sizes of all garden design projects, but this can be clarified in more detail after the initial visit.
Orchard by Franziska Harman

Country Border by Franziska Harman

Herbaceous Border by Franziska Harman

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